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Record contact details
Record announcement details
Record institution details
Record 'block' to consensus proposition
Register new medical imaging research volunteer subject
Review iterative working
Review past iterations
Record consensus proposition
Review yearly work
Record consensus achievement
Record interaction with prospect
Record 'stands aside' from consensus proposition
Register new user account
Recover user account using registered email address
Read records of the objects of the domain as they as they were and were recorded in the past
Respond to a controversial press story
Receive a response to a request made under the UK's Freedom of Information Act
Read week of scanning schedule
Read details of scanning session
Register new medical imaging research project
Read help messages which explain application functionality
Register new medical imaging researcher
Register new medical imaging research ethics approval
Read details of scanning schedule earkmark
Recruit new volunteers for scanning studies
Researcher requests place on scanning training course
Researcher attends video training session
Researcher attends scanning training practical
Researcher requests scanning sessions
Report on usage of scanning time
Rate prison visit on public rating system
Read list of outstanding work of current iteration
Read notes about scanning schedule week
Read list of active volunteers
Read list of active projects
Register new cost code
Report on projects using scanning facility time
Report on medical ethics committee approvals in use at scanning facility
Report what happened in scanning session
Record scanning training session outcome
Read list of upcoming scanning training sessions
Retrieve data package metadata from CKAN
Register data package metadata with CKAN
Register data package source file structure path
Remove software application service
Remove distribution of software application release
Restore software application service data
Release distribution of a version of a software system
Read account of cost of project scanning sessions
Read list of scan image files
Receive message alerts for upcoming events (such as approval renewal)
Restart application service provision's HTTP server
Research and qualify software club
Report results and celebrate success
Review software club and regroup club host team
Raise an issue with a service
Resolve issue with contracted service
Register new hosted project
Register new project hosting account
Register new member of hosted project
Resolve data openness enquiry
Receive data openness enquiry response
Read hosted project service instance