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There are 34 stories.

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Describe and record working process
Describe and record event
Describe and record goal (or outcome)
Discuss, write and send proposal to prospect
Deliver contracted services
Describe and record requirement
Describe and record association between two working process
Describe and record civil society story
Do item in iteration plan
Discuss visitor's concerns, budgets, timescales
Describe and record collection of working processes
Develop software club
Develop and release software
Do something with a software system that causes a system error
Do something with CKAN that causes a system error
Designate application production purpose as temporarily unavailable
Develop an object model of a domain
Develop and release open knowledge
Download data package distribution file from download resource location
Deregister data package metadata previously registered with CKAN
Deploy software application for functional testing
Deploy software application for acceptance testing
Deploy software application as a production service
Dump application service data
Designate software application service for an established purpose
Dump CKAN domain data
Distribute prospectus with proposals of software club
Decide contributions for proposals of software club
Do work for proposals of software club
Develop specification of service
Develop service level agreement
Divide software club in two
Data handler responds to data openness enquiry
Distribute changes made at one CKAN instance between other CKAN instances