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Story #86

"Register new user account"

No narrative has been recorded for this story.


These interruptions may happen during (or after) this story.

Interruption Next Stories
Time to login to application service Login to application service using OpenID.  Login to application service using registered account details. 
Time to confirm user email address Confirm user email address. 

These interruptions may cause this story.

Cause Interrupted stories
Time to register new user account Login to application service using registered account details. 


Products supporting this story satisfy the following requirements.

Requirement Ticket
The system shall generate email address confirmation request, by creating a pending email confirmation action with any referenced pending action, and sending an email message to the unconfirmed address, passing a reference to the pending email confirmation action with the message
The system shall present to unauthenticated users a registration form, for registering new user accounts
The system shall accept submissions from unauthenticated users of the registration form by signing in the user to an unactivated account, by generating an email address confirmation request, and by indicating to the user that this has happened
The system shall set on the registration form a hidden value for any passed reference to a pending action
The system shall resume an enquiry regarding data openness by redirecting the user to the enquiry confirmation page (as if the enquiry had just been made)


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