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Story #65

"Create new requirements specification document"

<p>A new requirements specification document is established. Relevant sections are completed following the template guidelines. The scope of the work is defined by association with events. The scope of the product is established by association with responses.</p>


These interruptions may happen during (or after) this story.

Interruption Next Stories
Identify civil society event Describe and record event. 
Identify requirement Describe and record requirement. 
Identify goal (or outcome) Describe and record goal (or outcome). 
Identify civil society process Describe and record working process. 
Identify civil society story Describe and record civil society story. 

These interruptions may cause this story.

Cause Interrupted stories
Project new software system Create new requirements project. 
Time to begin requirements analysis work Do item in iteration plan.  Deliver contracted services.  Develop software club. 


Products supporting this story satisfy the following requirements.

Requirement Ticket
The system shall support assembling product requirement specification documents  
The system shall support extending one product requirements specification with another  


This story has been included within the following product specifications: