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Story #6

"Create new requirements project"

<p>Analyst creates new requirements project.</p> <p>Analyst identifies goals that the work pursues. Analyst identifies events that the work responds to. Analyst identifies responses that the work makes to events in pursuit of its goals. Analyst identifies requirements of support for the responses. Analyst projects new software system.</p>


These interruptions may happen during (or after) this story.

Interruption Next Stories
Project new software system Create new requirements specification document. 
Identify civil society story Describe and record civil society story. 
Associate two civil society processes Describe and record association between two working process. 
Collect civil society processes Describe and record collection of working processes. 
Identify goal (or outcome) Describe and record goal (or outcome). 
Identify requirement Describe and record requirement. 
Identify civil society event Describe and record event. 
Identify civil society process Describe and record working process. 

These interruptions may cause this story.

Cause Interrupted stories
Time to begin requirements analysis work Do item in iteration plan.  Deliver contracted services.  Develop software club. 


This story has no requirement for system support.


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