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Story #29

"Review iterative working"

<p>Decide and record iteration boundary (end of previous iteration, start of new one).</p> <p>Count and record the total cost and value of achievements of previous week.</p> <p>Identify stories which haven't been recorded so far (hopefully from rough notes).</p> <p>Identify requirements which haven't been recorded so far (and estimate cost and value).</p> <p>Review stories (are estimates still valid).</p> <p>Rank stories by ratio of value to cost.</p> <p>Select stories for implementation that week.</p> <p>Record and publish plan.</p>


These interruptions may happen during (or after) this story.

Interruption Next Stories
Identify civil society story Describe and record civil society story. 
Identify requirement Describe and record requirement. 
Time to do item in iteration plan Do item in iteration plan. 

These interruptions may cause this story.

Cause Interrupted stories
Time to review iterative working


Products supporting this story satisfy the following requirements.

Requirement Ticket
The system shall allow an end date to be set independently of closing the iteration
The system shall support opening and closing iterations
The system shall automatically identify the position of attributes in Trac reports based on the heading row in the first line
The system shall use the __color__ field as a substitute for cost/value ratio if they are not present
The system shall attempt to read cost from ticket description if cost is not present in the TSV report
The system shall present aggregated backlogs  
The system shall present cost and value estimates with no more than two decimal places
The system shall present lists of tickets in descending priority order  


This story has been included within the following product specifications: