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Story #263

"Evaluate proposals of software club"

<p>The club host estimates the cost to the club of realising each of the qualified proposals.</p> <p>Costed, qualified proposals are distributed by the host to the members as a draft prospectus. Members read the proposals and estimate the benefit of each proposal to them. Each member also decides an upper and lower level of resource they would expect to contribute to the realisation of each proposal, and how much they would expect others to contribute.</p> <p>Members report to the club the benefit of the proposals and the upper and lower levels of contributions they would expect to be made. By negotiation, the club then fits the costs of the proposals to the offers of resources.</p>


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Time to distribute prospectus with proposals of software club Distribute prospectus with proposals of software club. 

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Time to evaluate proposals of software club Qualify proposals of software club. 


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