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Story #245

"Release distribution of a version of a software system"

<p>Change project website references to stable releases, to point to new distribution. Change references to development releases, to point to next distribution.</p> <p>Register new distribution with package index. Increase version. Commit change.</p> <p>Write system release test for next version. Fail test. Prepare next distribution. Pass test.</p> <p>Carry on with software development work.</p>


These interruptions may happen during (or after) this story.

Interruption Next Stories
Time to announce new release Announce new software release. 
Time to upgrade software application service Upgrade software application service. 
Time to increase version number in software source code Increase version number in software source code. 

These interruptions may cause this story.

Cause Interrupted stories
Time to release distribution of a version of a software system Prepare distribution of a version of a software system. 


Products supporting this story satisfy the following requirements.

Requirement Ticket
The system shall register distribution information with release index  
The system shall increase the version of a system under development  


This story has been included within the following product specifications: