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Story #21

"Create new scanning session"

<p>Pick an unused time slot from the schedule, and create a new scanning session.</p> <p>Associate the session with a project.</p> <p>Associate the session with one of the project's approvals.</p> <p>Associate the session with one of the project researchers ('session leader').</p> <p>(Reserve usage from ethics protocol number allowance, reserve unused scanning slot by serial number, radiographer/researcher selects suitable volunteer, agree slot with volunteer, plan volunteer payment, volunteer receives appointment confirmation in accordance with ethical approval.)</p>


No registered events happen within this story.

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Cause Interrupted stories
Time to schedule new scanning session Hide week when updating schedule. 


Products supporting this story satisfy the following requirements.

Requirement Ticket
The system shall optionally enforce the expiry date of ethics approvals
The system shall present dates with format DD-MM-YYYY
The system shall support optionally recording a scanning 'session leader', to be one of the project researchers


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