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Story #15

"Member proposes consensus proposition"

<p>A group member makes a proposal. It is recommended that proposals take the form described in another document Guidelines for Volunteer Working Groups.</p> <p>Discussion of the proposal takes place, if needed.</p> <p>If other members have concerns about the proposal, they can suggest modifications or amendments. The initiator tries to accommodate all concerns raised.</p> <p>When the initiator feels that a rough consensus has been reached, he or she calls for consensus, by asking if anyone wants to 'stand aside' or 'block'. Standing aside means 'I disagree with some aspects of the project, but my disagreement isn't serious enough to justify blocking it.' A block functions as a veto. It is acceptable to block a proposal only if you think that it violates the fundamental principles or purposes of being in the group, or if you think it endangers the very existence of the group.</p> <p>If the proposal is blocked, the initiator may either drop the proposal, or continue the discussion in order to reach a compromise, and then call for consensus again. </p>


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Time to record consensus proposition Record consensus proposition. 
Time to 'block' consensus proposition Member 'blocks' consensus proposition. 
Time to 'stand aside' from consensus proposition Member 'stands aside' from consensus proposition. 
Member proposition achieves consensus Record consensus achievement. 

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Time to propose consensus proposition


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