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Product #42


Purpose of the Product

"The reason the product is being developed."

Background of the project

"A short description of the work being done, and the situation that triggered the analysis effort."

<p>Project emerged from work at the Open Knowledge Foundation to improve atomization, distribution, and ultimately increased usage and production of open data. There has been a wish to develop support for packaging knowledge resources for distribution, and for others effortlessly to acquire and install such package.</p> <p>This analysis effort picks up after some initial code had been written.</p>

Goals of the work


"The roles or names of people and organizations who will finance or otherwise contribute to, or are affected by the product."

<p>Customer - Open Knowledge Foundation</p>

Users of the Product

"A list of the potential users of the product."

<p>Knowledge Package Developer - controller of knowledge package source, releases changes to knowledge resources as new package versions.</p> <p>Knowledge Package User - consumer of available knowledge packages, requests changes to knowledge packages not under her control</p>

Scope of the Work

"An analysis of the stories that might be supported by the new product."

The product supports these stories:

Scope of the System

"Determine, with the appropriate stakeholders, which part of the story should be supported by some sort of product and what part should be done entirely by the user."

The product shall satisfy these requirements:


<p>The code for datapkg is maintained within CKAN project repository.</p> <p>http://knowledgeforge.net/project/ckan/</p>


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