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Product #40

"Rate Your Prison"

Purpose of the Product

"The reason the product is being developed."

Background of the project

"A short description of the work being done, and the situation that triggered the analysis effort."

<p>From http://www.sicamp.org/?page_id=4</p> <p>We've been talking to Anton Shelupanov of the Innovation, Justice and Youth Programme at the Young Foundation about the social need surrounding the UK's prison system.</p> <p>He's been helping us think about how technology could be used to support the families of prisoners coping with the experience of being apart from a loved one.</p> <p>The social need</p> <p>The offender is not the only individual who has to learn how to cope with the experience of prison. Having a loved one incarcerated is also a dislocating and traumatic experience for their friends and family - all too often the system doesn't make this any easier.</p> <p>Prisoners often serve long jail terms in institutions many miles away from where their homes are. Visiting family members and friends who are spending time in jail can be very difficult for those on the outside, especially for those who have young children to look after or who have other financial or social problems.</p> <p>Yet maintaining social ties with the outside world is really important, not only for the well-being of friends and family, but for the offender as well. Prisoners who have greater social contact with non-offenders whilst serving time in jail find the transition into life after prison easier and are less likely to re-offend, which is an important aspect of building a safer society.</p>

Goals of the work

Scope of the Work

"An analysis of the stories that might be supported by the new product."

The product supports these stories:

Scope of the System

"Determine, with the appropriate stakeholders, which part of the story should be supported by some sort of product and what part should be done entirely by the user."

The product shall satisfy these requirements: