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Product #32


Purpose of the Product

"The reason the product is being developed."

Background of the project

"A short description of the work being done, and the situation that triggered the analysis effort."

<p>Brain science researchers use visual stimulus presentation software within their studies to provide visual stimulation for volunteer subjects. For example. whilst being scanned a volunteer is presented with a series of words, each for a precise duration, and then asked to repeat the list.</p> <p>The current provision of visual stimulus presentation software is dominated by per-seat licence-fee based, closed-source products, which allegedly frustrate users, especially when attempting to program these systems to present customised stimuli.</p>

Goals of the work

Scope of the Work

"An analysis of the stories that might be supported by the new product."

The product supports these stories:

Scope of the System

"Determine, with the appropriate stakeholders, which part of the story should be supported by some sort of product and what part should be done entirely by the user."

The product shall satisfy these requirements:


<p>Some links:</p> <p>http://www.pstnet.com/products/e-prime/ http://www.u.arizona.edu/~kforster/dmdx/dmdx.htm http://www.cortechsolutions.com/Presentation.htm http://www.vislab.ucl.ac.uk/CogentGraphics/index.html http://www.visionegg.org/ http://psyscope.psy.cmu.edu/ http://pyepl.sourceforge.net/</p> <p>Some plans:</p> <p>Email Andrew Straw to ask about the status of his project and whether we could arrange a conference call? Seek to create a consortium? Write proposal for agile open source club. Write letter to psychology departments asking for interest and involvement. Write to NIH?</p> <p>Create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). - think about things - try out E-prime - do coarse grained analysis - write proposal - seek interest and commitment - review, go/stop - establish analysis process - establish development process - establish support service provision</p>


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