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Process #3

"Appropriate Software Foundation"


The following have been identified as goals of this process:

Development of civil society processes
Establish appropriate software clubs
Sustainable livelihood for free software developers


The following have been identified as events of this process:

New member inquiry Provide new member information. 
Time to review iterative working Review iterative working. 
Time to apply for membership New member joins co-operative. 
Time to do item in iteration plan Do item in iteration plan. 
Time to begin company administration work Pay monthly salaries.  Confirm annual return by December.  Pay quarterly PAYE. 
Time to stop week iteration
Time to review past iterations Review past iterations. 
Time to pay corporation tax by 1st January Pay UK corporation tax by 1st January. 
Member resignation
Time to establish new software club Establish new appropriate software club. 
Financial year ends Generate reports on last financial year. 
Time to continue as new iteration Continue as new iteration. 
Time to read list of outstanding work of current iteration Read list of outstanding work of current iteration. 


This process hasn't been registered in any collections.


The following products support the stories of this process:

ASF Website Provide new member information.  Provide visitor information.  Visitor makes general inquiry. 
ASF Stall Provide new member information.  Describe and record working process.  Visitor makes general inquiry.  Provide visitor information.  Visitor signs up for 'more information'. 
Eternity Review past iterations.  Review iterative working.  Accept completion of item in iteration plan.  Create new iteration.  Close current iteration.  Continue as new iteration.  Select item to be addressed during an iteration.  Read list of outstanding work of current iteration.