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There are 34 goals.

Goal Processes
Specification of the requirements of a system Process and Requirements Analysis. 
Local delivery of local food Organic Box Delivery. 
Habitable working environment Open Organisation. 
Development of civil society processes Appropriate Software Foundation. 
Sustainable livelihood for free software developers Appropriate Software Foundation. 
Provide software application as a service Application Service Provision. 
Create and maintain a capacity to make medical images Medical Imaging Administration. 
Habitable segments of time Calendar Time. 
Appropriate software applications Software Development. 
Establish appropriate software clubs Appropriate Software Foundation. 
Collection of civil society processes Process and Requirements Analysis. 
Secure data and information systems Information Security. 
Compliance with obligations to the Inland Revenue Company Administration (UK). 
Compliance with obligations to Companies House Company Administration (UK). 
Records of solutions to common problems that can be applied a million times without ever doing it in the same way twice Pattern Writing. 
Compliance with employment law Company Administration (UK). 
Agreements to share common costs Appropriate Software Club. 
Description of the work of a process Process and Requirements Analysis. 
A registry of open knowledge facts, narratives, projects, and packages Open Knowledge Curation. 
To visually stimulate human subjects in brain science research studies Stimulus Presentation. 
To find out inside information about what the UK government is doing Freedom of Information (UK). 
To complete a course of study Course Management. 
A definition of open knowledge Open Knowledge Definition. 
Support for open knowledge projects Open Knowledge Development. 
Guide to open knowledge licensing Open Knowledge Advice. 
To reduce the chances of prisoner reoffending when released Visiting Prisoners. 
To increase chances of child with parent in prison doing well at school Visiting Prisoners. 
To support the families of prisoners coping with visiting their loved ones Visiting Prisoners. 
Distribution and combination of knowledge resources Open Knowledge Distribution. 
To distribute named versions of working software Software Distribution. 
Promote usage of professional goods and services Sales Pipeline. 
Resources for shared developments Appropriate Software Club. 
Provision project services on demand Project Hosting. 
To clarify whether or not data on a publisher's website is openly available Open Data Enquiries.