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Appropriate Software Appropriate Software Club.  Process and Requirements Analysis.  Application Service Provision.  Open Organisation.  Pattern Writing.  Software Development.  Software Distribution.  Sales Pipeline.  Project Hosting.  Club.  Desire.  Develop.  DomainModel.  Eternity.  Inorganize.  Provide.  FixMyProcess.  Release.  KForge. 
National, Regional and Local Government Representative Democracy.  UK Parliament.  Lobbying.  Local Problem Reporting.  Contact Your Political Representative.  Petitioning.  Pledge Banking.  Monitoring Planning Applications.  Discover Local Community Groups.  DowningStreetSays.  GroupsNearYou.  HearFromYourMP.  Planning Alerts.  TheyWorkForYou.  PledgeBank.  WriteToThem.  E-Petitions.  FixMyStreet.  Gaze.  whatdotheyknow.org. 
Food Distribution Healthfoods Retailing.  Organic Box Delivery.  Rawfoods Retailing.  Rawfoods Wholesale.  Rawfoods Manufacture. 
Open Knowledge Open Knowledge Development.  Open Knowledge Curation.  Open Knowledge Definition.  Open Knowledge Advice.  Open Knowledge Distribution.  Open Data Enquiries.  Develop.  CKAN.  Microfacts.  Datapkg.  IsItOpenData. 
Medical Research Medical Imaging Administration.  Stimulus Presentation.  Picture Archiving and Data Sharing.  Numerical Image Processing.  Medical Image Viewing.  Medical Image Acquisition (Scanning).  ScanBooker.  Stimulate.  Python Experiment Programming Library (PyEPL). 
International Development
Tactical Technology NGOinaBox. 
Public Health
Things We Love... General Life. 
Media Standards newscounter.com.  journalisted.com. 
Education and Learning Course Management.  Moodle.